Adobe Photoshop Update 12.0.4 for CS5

License / Price: Freeware
Version: 12.0.4 for CS5
Language: Multiple languages
File size: 54.25MB (56,885,213 bytes)
OS: Windows (All Versions)
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Adobe Photoshop update for CS5 12.0.4 is a free, official patch to update Adobe’s photo editing app to the latest version, as well as fix several bugs within the app.

The 12.0.4 update enables specially designed apps on tablets, smartphones, and PCs to communicate with and control interaction with Photoshop CS5.

You must install the 12.0.4 update to activate a remote connection between Photoshop CS5 and any apps that Adobe or third-party developers create to interact with Photoshop. For example, Photoshop CS5 must be updated to 12.0.4 to interact with three new iPad apps that Adobe has designed to work with it – Adobe Nav, Adobe Color Lava, and Adobe Eazel.

The 12.0.4 update also fixes liquify performance, type related crashes, and other top customer issues. The most significant fixes include the following:

  • A number of potential security vulnerabilities have been addressed.
  • Liquify save mesh now works as expected.
  • An issue with Sharpen crashing has been fixed.
  • An issue with Quick Selection crashing has been fixed.
  • The Orphea Studio File Info issue has been resolved.

This updater will update only the retail version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 and not any pre-release (beta) versions. To confirm that the updater has run successfully, launch Photoshop and verify that the version number on the splash screen shows 12.0.4 and not 12.0.0. If it does not show 12.0.4, you may not have a retail version of Photoshop CS5.


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